Grow your own

edible garden 

Without worrying about soil, bugs, or rubbish crops!  

Say goodbye to disappointing harvests and supermarket pesticides

For most people, growing your own organic, edible garden that’s [actually!] thriving is a faraway dream. 

Either you’ve tried and it’s been an expensive and exhausting flop, or you were too overwhelmed with where to start that you never did. 


At Gaia's Organic Gardens, we’ve been installing organic, edible gardens for our clients for almost 10 years. 

But we didn’t want our expertise to end there! 

It’s no surprise that it’s not the cheapest endeavor to have your garden installed by us (totally worth it though, as you’ll see from our testimonials) - BUT, we know that's not for everyone. Plus, we're based in Perth and still waiting for teleportation to become available so there's geographical stuff too...

So we started running group workshops to teach you the skills to create your own edible garden so it’s enjoyable AND actually translates to you harvesting your crops and eating them for dinner!

Now we’re offering that same knowledge of how to grow your own thriving organic edible garden with you in this online course so you can access it anywhere - and have us literally walk you through the entire process. 

We’ll show you how to: 

  • Regrow your veggies from the scraps you used to throw away - free plants? I hear you say!

  • Grow superfoods and spices for FREE

  • Make sure your veggie patch survives the seasons by knowing how and when to harvest 

  • Know how to store and preserve your harvests so you can keep enjoying your home grown food long after you've picked it

  • How to save your seeds for endless replanting cycles 

  • Know your soil - is it ready for planting, or what specifically it needs so you create an environment your plants thrive in

  • Learn to control pests without the chemical pesticides (and it's NOT just organic pesticides, although we'll show you our insider recipe too!)

  • Companion planting - know what crops thrive next to each other so you product a better crop and your garden needs less maintenance

So you can reliably and predictably create a garden you’re proud of,

and eat home grown food all year round!

From soil practices, to shade vs sun, to what to plant where,

and next to what so it grows best;

There are a LOT of factors to consider when planting your own garden. 

It’s overwhelming when you never know if you’re getting it right, and the risk of watching your time, effort (and cash!) wilt away is enough to turn most people off truly attempting it. 

So what if we could show you how we reliably and predictably create thriving, edible, organic gardens?

And if we also told you we’ve been doing that reliably for 10 years right here in Perth, one of the hardest places to grow with our sandy ground and strong sun?

If we can grow in Perth,

we can show you how to grow successfully anywhere!


And at the end, you're growing your own flourishing organic garden, where you pick your own food that has more nutrients and way less nasties than your average supermarket produce! 

Here’s how we get you there: 


See what's waiting for you inside the MODULES…

I had the saddest looking garden and had a dream of a food forest to the front of my home, to sip tea and just get away. I'm big on health and understand what's going on with our food supply, I only wanted organic plants, soil etc when it came down to it - seemed silly to go to all that effort and have GMO and chemicals. I literally have my dream garden and pinch myself every day with how amazing it looks. I'm in my element. It's thriving and I got produce within weeks!


Let's Go Deeper INTO WHAT




The secret to a year-round thriving garden 

  • Ever heard of a mud map?! Neither have most of our clients...but it's the only way to ensure you have a year-round thriving garden through the seasons

  • Your summer garden and winter garden are going to look very different - and having both thrive relies on your understanding of how the sun moves through your garden

  • This is your hack to place everything for maximum success - at the end of this module, you'll have your garden mapped out with exactly where to plant, and where your non-living elements of your garden should go!


Working with what you’ve got

Do we plant in the ground or use raised beds? 

  • Raised beds vs in-ground planting? You'll know the pros and cons of each, and most importantly what works for YOUR setup at home

  • We'll show you how to work with what you’ve got - because not every garden is the same - we need to show you why and what’s best for you 

  • You can save a lot of time and money by choosing the correct scenario for you and your home 


Soil secrets!

Creating an environment our plants will thrive in

  • This is the apex of any garden, period! It is THE most important thing: without the right soil, there's zero chance of a thriving edible garden through the seasons...but when you get it right, you're pretty much guaranteed the big wins!

  • The biggest hack to create an environment your plants will thrive in (with the least amount of effort from you)

  • THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP - we can't stress this enough!

  • We’re going to switch most people's method (and that's why we get big results!) - you'll spend money on the soil, then we'll show you how to get your plants for free in later modules


Water, water, everywhere!

Everything you need to know about watering your garden 

  • Avoid the mistakes most people make that lead to weak roots and easily-upset plants!

  • You'll learn the gardener's method of watering your garden so you avoid those amateur mistakes that otherwise damage your garden

  • We'll show you how to install your own wicking beds - a self watering garden bed to save you the hassle (if you want to!)  

  • You'll know how and when to use a drip line vs sprinkler 

  • Understand the nuances of water retention and absorption and how that works in YOUR garden

  • When we water right, we seriously decrease instances of pest, disease and viruses in your garden - YES PLEASE!



Creating 100% organic, chemical free, easy to use pest protection

  • Join us in our commitment to being custodians of our environment by using pest control methods that support nature 

  • Everything we use is 100% organic, chemical free and easy to find around your house solutions 

  • Simple, follow-along tutorials to create your own in just a few minutes (saving you even more $!)

  • Everything is friendly for pets, wildlife and children, so you know your garden is a safe place



(yup, we want to save you $$!)

  • No more spending $$ on plants only to have them die! Here's where we save you money where most people waste theirs!


  • You'll get insider secrets so you know grow thriving edible plants from things you'd usually throw away



keeping your garden thriving to maturity

  • You'll learn how to keep an eye on your garden so you catch small issues before they become big ones, ensuring the health of your plants and the ease of keeping your garden thriving!

  • We’ll cover the foundations to support your plants to maturity - how often do we water, fertilize, when we harvest and what to plant in different seasons so your space is always top notch even when the weather isn't

"Thanks Carla and team for the most successful and attractive vegetable garden I’ve ever had! I don’t know what  you put in the soil to make everything grow like they’re on steroids. My toddler loves going out to inspect his herbs each morning - I love that he is exposed to new flavours, smells and insects."



When you enrol now you get: 

  • Our expert guidance through 7-modules that take you step by step through establishing your own edible garden 

  • Plant your garden alongside us - this is hands-on learning! 

  • Options to create your own or the best places to buy (beds, fertilizers and more!) 

  • Lessons you never even considered before that totally transform your garden 

  • Your own organic, edible garden you can be proud of 

Picture this...

You’re hosting a dinner party with your favourites and you wander

out barefoot into your luscious edible garden and literally pick your fresh ingredients.


Your guests can’t get enough of your meal, they’re RAVING about it and ask you how you did it…

(Especially because you never used to have a green thumb 😝)

You get to tell them it’s actually been a BREEZE because you joined Gaia's Organic Gardens

course that taught you exactly how to plant, maintain and harvest your garden

with Carla’s expert eyes and 10 years of experience!


Sounds good huh?


What we love most about seeing our client's gardens come to life is the peaceful place

it creates for them - a sense of accomplishment, of self sufficiency, of connection to nature and life.

And we'd love to help you create that too!

Ok, but what if I’ve tried growing my own garden before only to have my plants wither away and die (and watch all that money go down the drain?) 

Look, it’s not the first time we’ve heard that. 

In fact, how common that is, is exactly why we have such a thriving business. 

Planting and maintaining a successful garden - never mind organically and an edible one at that - is a skill. 

But any skill is learnable, and having the right teacher makes it much easier (and much more fun, we promise 😛)

That’s why we put this course together - to share the wisdom of our experience so your garden comes together much more easily and MUCH more successfully!

AND we give you options: 

You can create your garden from salvaged materials, make your own fertilizer and we already told you we’ll show you how to get plants for free! 


If you have less time to give to your edible garden project, we’ll show you where to buy the same things for a great price. 

Overall, you’re going to save a huge amount of time and money by setting up your edible garden correctly, and guarantee yourself quality produce. 

"The purple cauliflowers have just popped out and

we are super excited. We have been cutting

the broccolini off (my son has been eating it raw!),

the snow peas, the kale leaves and the silver beet -

all of those things are just

continuing to grow."



If you go through this whole course and honestly can say you didn’t gain anything or could have done better on your own, we’ll refund your money.

All we ask is that you actually do the work - we know if you follow our steps you’ll have a huge advantage in creating your own edible garden, and if you don’t agree, we don’t want your money!


What if my garden isn’t great for growing?

We've spent the last 10 years growing thriving edible gardens in Perth, of the hardest environments to grow it. If we've mastered this, we can assure you we can show you how to grow in your own garden, no matter where you are in the world.

We give you options in the first module to work with what you’ve got - for some of you that will mean raised beds, for others you’ll be planting into the ground.

We’ll also consider how the sun affects your garden to know we can maintain a thriving garden year round.

What if I haven’t got a green thumb? 

If we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard this… 😝 

Creating your own thriving garden isn’t an illusive skill, but it is highly dependent on getting several essential factors right from the beginning.

That’s why so many of our clients who attend these workshops have such great results - once you get these things right, anyone can grow successfully. 

What can I expect once I enroll? 

You’ll be teleported to our membership site where you’ll have instant access to your lessons and can get started right away! 

Do you offer a guarantee? 

Yes, we guarantee if you go through our course, implement everything we’ve taught you and still don’t feel you’ve learned something new and valuable, we’ll refund you. All we ask is you follow our lessons and do the work 

"Gaia’s organic gardening workshop absolutely blew my mind. I had a complete garden makeover to-do list by the end of the day and couldn’t wait to run home and get started. Carla is a breath of fresh air and passionate about helping people grow organic food simply and inexpensively."



When you enrol now you get: 

  • Our expert guidance through 7-modules that take you step by step through establishing your own edible garden 

  • Plant your garden alongside us - this is hands-on learning! 

  • Options to create your own or the best places to buy (beds, fertilizers and more!) 

  • Lessons you never even considered before that totally transform your garden 

  • Your own organic, edible garden you can be proud of 


A qualified horticulturalist who comes from a long line of farmers, Carla inherited her passion and skill for organic gardening from her mother. Keeping plants and people thriving is the driving force behind everything Carla does. Whether she’s running hands-on workshops or providing garden consultations, she enjoys inspiring other people to connect with their gardens, grow their own food, and embrace sustainable living practices.

Her informative gardening blog has won multiple awards and she has been featured on numerous TV and radio shows, including ABC’s Waste Warriors and Today Tonight. In addition to her lifelong experience in gardening and permaculture, Carla holds a certificate in Horticulture and Conservation and practices Reiki, meditation, and a range of other healing work.

When not working to make the Earth a better place, she is looking after an energetic couple of kids and a fantastic husband and thinking up new ways to build connections with family, community, and beyond.

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